Dubu on the road

Floor plans for the DuBu

Floor plans for the DuBu. Enough space even during a period of bad weather.

Floor plans for the DuBu

After the purchase of the Duros there was no more holding. We have drawn a felt 956 floor plans for the DuBu. At some point, drawing became too tedious and we started to draw the furniture on cardboard, cut it out and so we were free to plan the configuration of the case interior.

When the apartment becomes a planning studio

Yeah yeah… pushing cardboard furniture back and forth didn’t help us very much. Reason – the sense of space was missing. So what to do?

Without further ado, the living room was misused and converted into a planning studio. In other words, we taped the surface of the suitcase with masking tape on the floor and then used everything that was not rivet- and nail-proof on furniture, boxes etc. to build the feeling of space. Unfortunately there are no photos of this. The enthusiasm to find time to capture the whole thing photographically was simply missing. We were so driven by the extension and the anticipation that we got up at 2:30 a.m. and were busy with the furniture in the living room.

Our floor plan for the DuBu

At some point more and more a floor plan suitable for us crystallized out of the – as already mentioned – felt 965 plans. A floor plan that we still regard as the most optimal one today. We could gain a lot of space should a period of bad weather force us to stay longer in the living room. We are happy, we have drawn different floor plans for the DuBu.

Enough space even during a period of bad weather.

The most optimal floor plan for us at DuBu

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