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The insulation of the driver’s cab

Insulation . Chaos in DuBu

The insulation of the driver’s cab

Well, we bought the car. That doesn’t mean that we had any idea how and with what the vehicle should be built. Ok, a little bit of craftsmanship I can say. This has already ensured that perspiration will not be a permanent condition. The Internet also offers a wealth of information about other people’s materials and experiences. So we have started to look into the possibilities of insulation of an expedition vehicle.

Insulation mats for the driver’s cab

We quickly found insulation mats in our Internet research. But just to get started and think “If the mats are cut and laid, it will fit” doesn’t work. Why? It is  important to note that in addition to heat and cold insulation, sound and vibration insulation must also be provided.

So we have bought rubber mats in addition to the insulating mats. After cutting the mats and rubber mats to size, we glued both materials together to form an approximately 15mm thick surface.


Materials used

We have done a lot of research on the Internet to find and buy suitable materials. The research takes a lot of time. And so we thought that for each expansion topic we would make a list of which tool Material we used and where we bought it.

Used tool:
  • Cutter
  • Felt tip pen for marking
  • Painter’s spatula
  • Scale
  • Brush 40mm wide
Material used:
  • Insulation mats X-trem Isolator®
  • Rubber runner checkered ripple
  • Rubber plates of SBR rubber
  • Universal adhesive for different materials
Bought at:
  • Isolation mats and universal adhesive at www.reimo.com
  • Rubber runners and rubber plates at www.schmutzfangmatte-fussmatte.ch
  • Cutter, pencils,  Painter’s spatula, brush and scale from the hardware store

Small picture gallery about Insulation of the driver’s cab
Insulation of the driver's footwell

Insulation of the driver’s footwell

Duro Isolation passenger.

Passenger seats of the Duro insulated.

DuBu insulated back wall

DuBu back wall of the driver’s cab.

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