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Our Bucher Duro

Bucher Duro. Better - the Swiss Unimog

Our Bucher Duro

Once we had defined our criteria for a vehicle, the search could immediately be much more targeted. We concentrated on the Steyr 12M18, Unimog 1300 L and Bremach T-Rex. An offer was carried to us by a VW MAN, fully developed and ready to travel. This vehicle was conceptually ingenious down to the smallest detail and for me this would have been a great vehicle. But the dimension was too powerful for us in the end. A Bucher Duro beckons.

Expert in Duro

As chance would have it, we came across an offer that we had never considered before. A Bucher Duro was offered for sale on the Gut Automobile website. We only knew the Duro as a military vehicle and saw it again and again on the streets of Switzerland. We made an appointment with Christoph Gut and visited the Duro.

Our Bucher Duro

We were immediately enthusiastic about this vehicle. The dimension of 6 meters and three 3 centimeters long even fits into a parking space on a car park. The width of 1.96 meters without outside mirror or 2.1 meters with outside mirror and a height of 2.84 meters made the vehicle even more interesting for us. Christoph also proved his competence in the field of Duro’s and Pinzgauer.

The matter was clear for us quickly and so the Duro changed hands.


Bucher Duro

Bucher Duro Bucher Duro Bucher Duro

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