Bucher Duro FAQ


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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you want to know more, just send an email.

01 How did you start your life as travelers?

We have set ourselves a goal first. At that time, the goal was called: ``We don't want to work until the age of 65.`` From this goal, individual interim goals emerged and we pursued them consistently. The success can be seen on this website.

02 What kind of rig is that?

Yes, probably the most heard question - especially in North America - was this question. The answer: It is a Bucher Duro. If you want to know more about the Bucher Duro and how we came to choose this vehicle, you can find out by clicking the button below.

03 Is that rig bullet proofed?

No, our Duro is not bulletproof. Why do I write the questions in English? Because the oh-sound is North America. And we don't put the name ``Brinks`` on the sides to get free moneybags. 🙂

04 How did you bring the vehicle to North America?

Quite simply - with the cargo ship. There are many shipping companies that transport vehicles of larger and smaller calibers. If you want to have it comfortable, you can contact a shipping office. They will do all the paperwork and the organization. We can highly recommend the following office.

05 Is it expensive to ship your vehicle?

That's relative. It comes from the volume of your vehicle. So it's length x width x height. A Toyota Landcruiser is small and fits into a container. It's cheaper. For a truck it won't work with the container. It will be shipped as RoRo freight. Caravan Shippers offers here a quick and uncomplicated offer. Follow the link below.