Getroffen unterwegs

On the road

Who we met on the road

There are many exciting people on the road.

Sandie und Karsten

Sandie and Kasi from Germany

We know Sandie and Kasi since a long time… from Facebook And then – one day – we meet them on PEI (insider abbreviation for Prince Edward Island) unexpectedly, joyfully, positioned. If you want to know more about them and their Ewald – please click on the button below.

Yvonne und Guido

Yvonne and Guido from Switzerland

Together with the Annens, we explored Morocco and climbed to over 2700 meters above sea level, mastered critical situations together, made fires in the desert and still like to laugh together today.

Die Annens

Sibylle and Hermann from Switzerland

We met the Annens over and over again In Altendorf (home), in Morocco, in Canada, in America – who knows where else we will meet them. We always have fun and discuss about God and the world. Where worldly themes predominate.

Sabine und Reto

Sabine and Reto from Switzerland

We got to know Sabine and Reto in our village, a little town whatever you want to call it. We appreciate both very much and always have good discussions and funny hours together – hours can be 10, 12 hours. 🙂 They are on the road with a van for a long time and enjoy the free life immensely. They lovingly call their van Hörnli (there is no translation for that swiss expression) – but it comes from squirrel. 🙂

Marion und Fabian. Wir und unser Camper

Marion & Fabian from Liechtenstein & Switzerland

Their first words were, “We already know you.” Okay, it’s curious, of course – but only after the wonder has disappeared from their faces. Marion and Fabian spent a few days with Sibylle and Hermann in Florida. And apparently we were a topic with our Duro. Oh, isn’t it wonderful how our Duro opens doors?