Dubu on the road

A new face for the DuBu

A new face for the DuBu. Field green changes to Sahara Moyen.

A new face for the DuBu

It is time to give the DuBu a new facade. That’s how we got to work on the new face for DuBu. The formerly loamy field green should be changed by a fresher shade. But which color should it be? For me personally – specifically the Y-chromosome of the DuBu shaft – a sunny yellow such as melon yellow would have been very convenient. But staying abroad with this colour we found it too intrusive. Would’ve been really cool, though. The X-chromosome of the DuBu shaft would have preferred turquoise. Turquoise??? For real?

Which little piggy would like it?

Well, not a dirty color in the sense of very conspicuous. But it is not so easy to find a harmonious colour. We tried out – similar to the floor plan – hours and countless color variations on Photoshop. Cross-striped, lengthways striped, plain colors, two colors, three colors, several colors…

A new face for the DuBu

And finally – after an eternity of colour combinations – we have come to an agreement. The base color should be something light, sand-colored. Just between you and me, the part did get a soft yellow hue after all. Hehe… But it should not be so plain plain in a beige. And so we decided to use a shade of green as a second color.

Color combination sand and green

A combination of Sahara Moyen and Vert Véronèse foncé



Materials used

We have used the following materials for the exterior painting.

Used tool:

  • Orbital sanders
  • Brush and roller
  • painter’s book
  • Cover sheet
  • wooden stick

Material used:

  • Primer
  • Universal thinner
  • 2-component paint

Bought at:

  • Orbital sanders on loan
  • Stick of firewood
  • painting utensils of Ruco colors: www.ruco.ch

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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