Dubu on the road

Enlargement of the door

Enlargement of the left door in the suitcase.

Enlargement of the door

I almost forgot something. We had the enlargement of the door in the suitcase made. Reason? Since this serves as the main entrance to the interior of the living room suitcase and would require entry via the bathtub each time, the door should be on the same level as the base of the suitcase. And so we simply had the door extended.

Before the cut

Besides enlarging the door, the side skirt also had to be cut out. The picture shows the left door before the enlargement. Under it the side skirt which had to be changed in the consequence also.

Door in front of the enlarger.

The left entrance door before the cutout.

The door and side skirt after enlargement. The picture shows from outside how the cutout cuts through the tub.

Door and side skirt are coordinated.

Comfortable boarding not the only reason

But just getting into the Duro should not have been the only reason to enlarge the door. The shower tray should then be installed in the cut-out of the cut-away tub. The shower tray was planned in the entire width of the door. And the tub should extend into the room in an almost square shape. With this we have achieved a size of the shower tray of 745 x 700 mm. Quite comfortable when showering later. Clearly visible in this photo is the section through the tub of the suitcase. Thus we now reach an entrance on the same level as the rest of the living space.

The big shower tub in Dubu

The shower tray is quite large at 745 x 700 mm.

In addition to the comfortable entrance and the large shower tray, there is an additional function. Should an oily, grease-dripping motor part need to be removed and repaired, this can be done – also conveniently – in the shower tray.

Somehow this report has tons of “conveniences”.

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