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Health on the road

We humans all have only one health. Thus, this is – besides time – the most important asset. The antagonist of health is disease. And illness or being sick is corrosive. Especially when you’re traveling. An illness can spoil the whole trip. So it remains forever in the memory, but not as a good memory.

Basis for good health

In order to understand how disease develops, basic knowledge about maintaining health is needed in advance, because health is not only the absence of illness. Everyone can actively and preventively do something for their health. The topic is in principle very complex, also includes certain chemical topics. I therefore try to describe it as simply and uncomplicated as possible.

Well, man is born with an intact immune system. This has already been developed in the womb (not yet fully formed) and is called a non-specific immune system. The immune system is then further developed during the first 10 years of life for the specific immune defense. The overall result is a highly effective defense system that remains capable of learning for a lifetime.

Therefore, one of the best training methods for children is when they go out into the fresh air. So if the little rascal quenchs once in the living room, puts it in front of the door in the rain and lets him go swimming in the deepest puddle of water.

But of course, this alone does not protect against diseases. As an adult, the immune system can be actively supported. Knowledge of the base-acid balance helps with this.

What is it – Base-Acid Balance

Anyone who hasn’t slept in biology or chemistry or has had a window seat knows what happens when you put a chicken bone in Coca Cola for 24 hours. The bone is soft as rubber. What happened? The acid of cola has pulled all the minerals out of the bones. It may be that the idea of being a rubber person is tempting, especially during sex. That would give you some great positions to try. But without minerals, humans are not viable.

Base-acid balance is a physiological control mechanism that maintains constant posture or homeostasis in the body and thus serves the pH value. The arterial blood has a pH of 7.35 – 7.45. If the pH of the blood rises or falls beyond this limit, it is exodus, muerte, abdication, looking at the radishes from below or simply death. The technical term for when cells die due to hyperacidity is called acidosis. The opposite, i.e. with a base surplus, is called alclose.

Tabelle Saure Basen
Did the doctor ask?

Has any doctor you’ve ever told you they’d like to know your pH? no? No wonder – most doctors do not bother to include this value in the diagnosis.

The body has a variety of buffer systems in which excess acid can be stored, even over a longer period of time. But at some point, these buffers are also exhausted and the acid can no longer be removed. If this is the case, this acid – as above in the cola chicken bone example – draws the minerals from bones, tissues, muscles, etc. The body is over-acidified. No, you will not mutate into a rubber man for great sex games.

Where acid can act unhindered, organs are attacked. Once this process has begun, symptoms of diseases will eventually appear. However, this process can be actively counteracted by not supplying the body with too much acid on the one hand, and more bases on the other.

And how does that work with the supply of bases?

Every food we eat has certain chemical properties. Those foods that become acidic during metabolism in the body have a hydrogen ion – i.e. H+. Those who are metabolized alkaline in the body do not have this H+ ion. Of course, CO2 and the OH ions also play a role. But I’ll leave them out here.

And at this point, one or the other may now turn up his nose. Why? Most foods that are eaten with preference are acid-forming. This includes meat, chicken, fish, coffee, black tea, sausages, sugary foods. Base-forming foods are mainly vegetables, salad, fruits, spices. I know, sounds totally shitty at first.

But that does not mean that you have to do without everything that not only gives pleasure to you. It is the measure, the quantity that is decisive. Eating meat every day doesn’t have to be. The meat tigers certainly agree. Because eating varied is different from constantly having only meat on your plate.

It’s easy. Eat more vegetables and fruits – you can also enjoy a steak or a chicken breast. Anyone who deals a little with the acid- or base-forming foods, or with their preparation, will quickly realize that a health-supporting diet does not have to be boring. And can taste even tastier than just the daily monotony like schnitzel or bratwurst.

PS: I deliberately did not include a table of foods here. Simply enter the term “acid-base food” into your search engine and you will receive a lot of lists.

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