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Not all beers are the same

Black beers from Kulmbach. the one and only.

Not all beers are the same

Funny way to start the journey with a report about beer – not all beers are the same. The reader might think that the DuBu’s are more than just strongly inclined towards alcohol. No, we are not alcoholics – nor do we belong to the AA’s (Alcoholics Anonymous) There are just a few tasty things in the world that are worth reporting about.

I (Thomas) am basically very averse to alcohol – but there are still some delicate liquids that you can discover when travelling. And because the one or other little water flatters the palate, you should also treat yourself to this oral cavity massage. For example with beer. Yes beer – the common water-hop-malt-brew which enjoys great popularity all over the world.


So we drive through beautiful Bavaria. Bavaria has achieved worldwide fame because of one single festival. No, not because of the pitiful festival binge drinking pictures but because of the Oktoberfest itself. In the meantime, whole travel offers to the Oktoberfest are offered. This has made the festival a commercial hit. No – this festival is not reported here.


We happen to be in Kulmbach at the time when the Kulmbacher Bierfestwoche takes place. Here everything is still manageable and is in no way inferior to the Oktoberfest – just smaller and more comfortable.

So we are sitting in a restaurant in Kulmbach on Saturday afternoon, August 4, 2018. Due to a lack of free tables we sit down with an older man. He notices our non-Kulmbacher accent and we automatically get into a conversation. It turns out that our table neighbour is the walking library of Kulmbach. And it is he who advises us to have a black beer. Following his advice, we order two glasses of this local specialty. Right in front – a delicacy.


Black beer is beer in its most original form. It is a beer which, contrary to popular belief, contains no more alcohol than a light bottom-fermented beer. The deep dark colour of black beer is due to the special and roasted malts used. The multi-layered taste nuances are best appreciated at a drinking temperature of 8° Celsius.


It is precisely because roasted malt is often used in black beer that its colour and taste are characterised by this. Thus, a black beer is a malty, rather full-bodied full-bodied beer with light notes of coffee and chocolate. The hops act rather subtly and only help to balance the sweet character. The combination of residual sweetness and coffee notes therefore makes the black beer perfect. This is why sweet dishes harmonise very well with dark beer.


Yeah, you read it right. Beer has nutritional value too. However, beer is by no means a substitute for a balanced diet. 🙂

Calorific value (kj/100 ml) 188
Calorific value (kcal/100 ml) 45
Grease (g/100ml) < 0.5
thereof saturated fatty acids (g/100 ml) < 0.1
Carbohydrates (g/100 ml) 4.6
of which sugar (g/100 ml) < 0.5
Protein (g/100 ml) < 0.6
salt (g/100 ml) < 0.01

The nutritional values correspond to a general average and may vary from Schwrazbier to Schwarzbier. Depending on which hops and malts are used.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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