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What we miss from Belize


What we miss from Belize

Belize it – yes, the Belizeans have made a slogan out of the name of their country. And they even live this slogan. We have met him a few times and the Belizeans are proud of their country and their slogan. But what is Belize? This small country on the Atlantic coast, surrounded by Mexico and Guatemala with the second largest reef in the world.

What we miss from Belize – Belize it

It’s small. Almost no one knows it. Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. And they have the Garifuna. Is that for eating? No, it is the music that is famous here. But it’s more than just music. It is also an ethnic group and represents only about 6% of the population. But they have their own language and their own music. Listen here .

Nature is indescribable

Flora and fauna are so different on this small spot of earth. In the north it rains only about 1300 millimeters. In the south, on the other hand, the annual precipitation is already around 4500 millimeters. As subtropical at the top, tropical at the bottom. This is also reflected in the diversity of species. There are around 200 orchids and over 500 woods. And so it is not surprising that precious wood is one of the main economic branches of the country, especially mahogany. Nevertheless, Belize is a poor country. The population lives in tin, wood or mud huts and usually wear totally worn clothes. Belize was unable to pay interest on a $500 million government bond in 2012, after which debt restructuring negotiations were conducted with creditors.

What does not contribute to the improvement of the population are the many Americans and Canadians who present their ostentatious villas in Placencia and have built up Little Florida there.


The country is unfortunately very poor and in the former capital Belize City, the locals do not venture into the southern part of the city because of the high crime. We were not in the city because we did not want to see the damage from the hurricanes of earlier times. The rest of the country offers a lot of nature, a lot of peace and a simplicity that seems strange to us – grown up in an industrialized country. We often have a guilty conscience when we drive through the dusty streets with our ostentatious expedition mobile and poverty can be seen everywhere.

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