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Review February 2019

Review February 2019

At the end of each month we will show a small video with impressions of our journey. Now for the start the review February 2019.

In the month of February we visited Andalusia. A part of Spain that is looking for its equal. Here, the country and people are simply wonderful. And the tapas too. 🙂

Review February 2019

Andalusia offers more than 800 kilometres of coastline. and several cities like Seville, Granada, Cordoba are the calling card of this beautiful region. But this part of Spain offers much more. There are deserts to discover and snow covered mountains. In Marbella you can find all the chic-micki nonsense (great for those who like it). There are many world cultural heritage sites protected by UNSECO.

The gastronomy

The Andalusian cuisine mainly uses basic foodstuffs. These are typical for the respective region. Thus, fish is mainly found in the coastal regions and in the heartland there are more meat dishes. The Andalusian cuisine has grown over a long time and is full of flavours, colours, taste and freshness.

Andalusia tastes of wine, olive oil, cheese, plaice, ham, mushrooms, jam, avocado, mango, tomato, prawns, olives, anchovies, crabs, tuna … an almost infinite variety that delights the palate and satiates the stomach – sometimes even over-satiates it.

The ham

The ham from Andalusia, ibérico or serrano, is the main product of Spanish cuisine. One falls in love with the taste of this delicacy immediately. It is not for nothing that it is the most popular and sought-after ham in the world and it delights even the most demanding palates.

The olive oil

Olive oil has become an integral part of the Andalusian gastronomy. It is also often called the liquid gold. The daily pleasure of mixing this oil on salads, vegetables, pies, bread or even toast is incomparable. It is indispensable in cooking such as pescaĂ­to frito, tortillitas de camarones, fried vegetables, tempuras, marinades and roasted dishes. Andalusia is the world’s most productive region for olive oil. You have to imagine that. It is an economic sector of the country that has a great influence on the gross national product of Spain.

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