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How we became hoteliers overnight as full-time travelers

Hotelito Swiss Oasis und unsere Anfrage

How we became hoteliers overnight as full-time travelers

That’s a really funny story. And not just a story to write something in this blog again, no, it’s a true story that happened exactly like that. It’s about how we became hoteliers overnight as full-time travelers.

Once upon a time…

… two full-time travelers who just so carelessly and loosely on the Guatemalan Roads like this drove in front of him. Green landscapes, tropical forests, bumpy roads. Suddenly – a message on Facebook reached us. Actually, the messenger icon popped up, but since FB now has to communicate via several apps – the messenger icon popped up. And here was written something like: “Hey, I stumbled across your FB profile. Are you still in Guatemala on the road? We are in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and would love to hear from you. “At first I, Thomas, thought: “Not another insurance salesman or financial expert who wants to sell something.” Usually the dialogs of these insurance people start exactly like this.

But somehow this message was different – based purely on gut feeling. So we replied and a small dialogue developed which ended up in an appointment for a video chat.

Video chat with consequences – entry as hoteliers

So now comes the video chat. We are greeted by Manuela and René – fully in Swiss German – just under expected and funny. They introduce themselves briefly and also get straight to the point. Manuela asks us if we would like and have the time to run her little hotelito for a few months. They would like to take a vacation again since they have not had the opportunity to take a vacation for over two years of global scaremongering by various governments and media. Of course, we also introduced ourselves and let them know what we had been up to and were pleasantly surprised that they just approached us like that. The chat lasted around 30 to 45 minutes. We finished the chat and then Claudia and I talked. Within 10 minutes we made the decision that we want to run the Hotelito for 3 months and told them via Whats’app.

Uiuiui… what have we just gotten ourselves into??? In the next report, we will go into detail about our new experiences.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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