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France - What you can expect

Ah France - there we always become very happy at the thought of this country. One prejudice I want to get rid of right away. The French speak English even outside of Paris. Of course they prefer their own national language. But if they notice that the tourist tries hard with French but lacks the necessary vocabulary, the Frenchman is very open and helpful. French cuisine is a poem. The Atlantic coast is definitely on the bucket list. And the salt near Gironde should not be bought by the kilo but by the ton. Who says: ``Salt is salt, basta`` has never had salt from Gironde. As for the traveler with a vehicle - i.e. Womo - he should not spend the night in motorway car parks. They like to break into them from time to time.

Frankreich Dune-du-Pilat
Frankreich Bretagne

Average Costs

Transportation - The liter of diesel cost on average 1.18 EUR (period January-May 2020). For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world was 1.01 EUR. A liter of gas cost 1.24 EUR in the same period. Also in comparison the average price in the world was 1.11 EUR.

Campground - Well, again a country where we did not see a campground from the inside. If you want to be closer to the locals and want to spend the night cheaply, we would like to mention France Passion. It is an association of producers who make a place on their land available for the traveler. In return (not a must) the traveler should (not a must) buy his products from the host. We think the concept is ingenious. Below is the link.

Food - Big-Mac-Index = 4.74 USD 1 liter of milk costs on average 0.99 EUR 12 eggs cost on average 2.90 EUR 1.5 liters of water cost on average 0.70 EUR

Suggestion daily budget – 40-60 EUR (Note: This is a budget suggestion, which assumes that you are as free as possible to stay overnight, eat out a little, cook most of your meals yourself and that your vehicle is not the big fuel guzzler. With the budget tips below you can reduce this number at any time. However, if you want to stay in more demanding accommodation or eat out more often, you can expect this amount to be much higher).

TIps for first visit

1. Prepare your food – Shopping in the supermarket or at the farmers’ market. The prices vary greatly from region to region. 

2. Saving while driving – France offers a variety of discounts when visiting the city. Just ask at the tourist centers. 

3. Check where the locals eat – You can’t do much wrong by stopping where French people sit at the table. 

Frankreich Duro

Do’s and don’ts

In Brittany, you must try Galettes. Galettes are made from buckwheat flour and are available in both salty and sweet varieties. As a drink one should then definitely order cider. The cup for it is already on the table. There is sweet and dry cider. Terrific. 

The savor-vivre – live and let live – is strongly attributed to the French. But this does not mean that they lack discipline. Besides, the Frenchman is very patriotic, therefore the tourist should also try to communicate in the national language. This is polite and shows respect. If the Frenchman notices that despite all his efforts no clever sentence comes along, he will try very hard to change into English or at least try to find out what he wants with his hands and feet.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.