We are…

Claudia and Thomas. OK, that doesn’t say much yet. We are a couple from Switzerland who have always loved travelling, discovering new countries and cultures. Furthermore we love the variety of culinary delicacies from all over the world. We are not very young anymore but also not very old and still vital enough to discover new worlds and countries again and again.

What spurs us on to travel the world?

Yes, Switzerland is very beautiful and of a standard that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, we are always drawn out into the world. The diversity of cultures, the different gustatory tastes, nature with its flora and fauna – the world has much more to offer in terms of variety, opportunities and horizons than Switzerland has ever been able to offer.

Yes, we both have good jobs. But let’s be honest: 9, 10 hours or more a day, 5 days a week and year after year for about 50 years – that’s not much fun. Because as Seneca said so beautifully:

Keep the racing speed of time in mind.

We work until we drop and life just passes you by. One day you stand at the gates of heaven and with regret you realize that you exist most of your life and have not lived.

And who are we now?

We are both happy natures. And each one of us has his own quirks. Here we dare to try to describe the other.

Thomas about Claudia

She’s just wow… in short. Claudia has a wonderful, loving character. Where she stands and goes she comes into conversation with the people. She is very good but can also extend her claws. Whereby it takes an enormous amount until she gets angry. She has two children, Carmen and Michael. Both are of age and go their own ways. Claudia loves her children above all else and has done a lot for them. Claudia is also very good with my airs and graces which I appreciate enormously.

Besides all the wonderful character traits Claudia has a special gift. Her nose and her taste buds are extremely pronounced. Furthermore Claudia cooks very gladly and well. And Claudia can serve these two qualities wonderfully in various, tasty culinary delicacies.

I cannot imagine a more wonderful woman at my side than Claudia.

Claudia about Thomas

Thomas is a kind person with a courteous and helpful character. He is also versatile and always amazes me. There is also a little comedian in him, mixed with a pinch of sarcasm, but he is also a cheerful person. See Selfies (still to come) which he loves very much (:

Fauna and flora has always fascinated Thomas very much, and he knows very well about it. Philosophy shapes his way of life, which I appreciate very much. As a photographer he takes excellent photos and puts everything nicely into scene.

In all the years since I met Thomas, I was allowed to learn a lot from him. He is firmly anchored in my heart and I wish myself many more exciting and varied years with him.