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Where do we run the cable?

How do we run the cables?

Where do we run the cable?

Anyone who does not buy a motor home off the peg but wants to extend it himself comes to the point of cable laying. This quickly leads to the question “Where do we run the cables?”. Now with our Duro, the shape of the tub has given rise to an idea.

Where do we run the wires?

The idea of how to run the cables in the case came – literally – over night. While half asleep I introduced to all possibilities of wire routing. And suddenly there was this frame. The frame which provides the basic framework for the tub. This frame consists of 5.5 cm aluminum profiles of the heavy type. Square hollow profiles, welded.

The idea of the cable channel is born.

The cable duct should be routed on this frame.

Insulation of the frame

And so we decided to use this frame as the basis for the cable channel. The construct for this is very simple. First we insulated the frame with the proven “X-Trem Isolator” mats. We have cut these mats to a width of about 4.5 cm. We glued an aluminum U-profile to the edge of the frame as a limiter for the insulation mats and as a wall for the wire duct.

Insulating mats X-Trem Insulator and aluminum U-profile.

Insulating mats X-Trem Insulator and an aluminum U-profile give the cable duct the necessary basis.

Construction of the cable duct

Here we put birch plywood boards of 6.5 mm thickness into the wall of the cable duct. So now we have two cable ducts on the left and right side of the tub which are quite practical over a length of about 3 meters and a height of about 32 centimeters.

Service flaps in the cable ducts

To the left and right of the tub, the cable ducts run with service flaps for easier operation when laying the cables.


Materials used

For the construction of the cable ducts   we have used the following materials.

Used tool:
  • Cutter
  • Felt tip pen for marking
  • Metal saw
  • Scale
  • Hand pressure pistol
Material used:
  • Insulation mats X-trem Isolator®
  • Sika 221 i special adhesive
  • Birch plywood, thickness 6.5 mm
  • Aluminum U-profile
Bought at:
  • Insulation mats, Sika 221 i Special adhesive   at www.reimo.com
  • Plywood panels and aluminium U-profiles   from hardware stores

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