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Breaking News. What’s up?

Breaking News. What's up

Breaking News. What’s up?

Breaking news! What’s up? We’ve had a lot of time. Time to think and change a few things. So we decided to rebuild our blog and write more relevant content for our readers. So – What’s new?

New layout and smart shit

We have a new layout. This layout gives us more possibilities to convey useful and relevant information – to you dear readers. In the future we want to put more emphasis on pictures and videos and so photos will be presented larger. Our logo has also become more modern. You can see it below – left the old logo, right the new one. Doesn’t it look more modern?

Also we will impart life wisdom (i.e. smart shit) from time to time. The past months have shown us how quickly everyday things have suddenly gained much more weight. How many have disguised themselves beyond recognition for fear of contagion. A quote from my favorite philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca comes to mind which reads as follows:

How long I live, that does not depend on me, but whether I really live, that depends on me.

The menu also offers more possibilities to get relevant information faster.

The navigation is divided up as follows:

  • New here? – here you can find information about us, Claudia and Thomas.
  • Destination – here you can see country information at a glance. Divided by continents.
  • Planning & tips – useful tips & information on vehicle, technology, health, travel tips
  • On the road – here you can find our posts from on the road.
  • This & That – the FAQ sub menu provides answers to burning questions. And here you can see who we met on the street.

Of course the one or other sub menu will expand. The structure is therefore not exhaustive.

What’s up? Language selection

The language selection is also completely new. We always write in our mother tongue – no, not Swiss German – nobody understands that anyway. 🙂

We write German and translate into English. There will certainly be the odd grammatical error. Tenses and semantic errors must also not be excluded. But hey… that can make for funny pranks.

So those who want to laugh about us may click on the English flag at the top right. English speakers are welcome to tell us about very gross errors.

What’s up? Income and expenses

Also new will be that we will list a few products that we can stand by one hundred percent. Behind the articles will also be a link to Amazon or directly to the manufacturer itself. Yeah, we’ll make some money. Of course we are happy if you order a product via our link. Let’s just say it’s for our coffee fund 🙂 . We consider this to be the equivalent of useful and relevant information for you. Research, collection and preparation of information, processing, product photography, image editing, video editing, translation – all this is connected with a lot of effort and work.

Yes, we like doing it and it’s fun – more or less. Not when the sun is shining. Sitting inside in the sun is not so great. Work should be rewarded. Or do any of you go to work without getting paid? So if you are also convinced of the product presented by us, we would of course be happy if you click on the link.

Oh yes – the old posts have only been gently adjusted. To adapt all posts in two languages that would be too much effort and we don’t want to bother with old stuff. That’s why the one or other older post is not so great in terms of appearance.


We are happy if you visit our blog diligently, leave comments and have fun with us. So here’s the Breaking news. 🙂

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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