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What we miss from PEI, Newbrunswick and Quebec

What we miss from PEI, Newbrunswick and Quebec

Hmm… what can I say… maybe it’s because of the high standard of Newfoundland that PEI, Newbrunswick and Quebec didn’t catch us like this – even though we could experience the beginning of the wonderful Indian Summer in Quebec. What we miss from PEI, Newbrunswick and Quebec? That’s a really good question.


Prince Edward Island – the potato island

We’ve already been warned by Owen from King’s Point: “There’s nothing but potatoes on PEI.” 🙂
Okay, maybe that’s a little bit exaggerated. Of course PEI has more to offer than just potatoes. There are beautiful sandy beaches and warm sea. And here, by chance, we met our Facebook friends Sandie and Karsten personally on the beach. Yes, flesh and blood, real, not digital. We hit it off right away and became friendly. What we don’t know at this point is that from then on we met several times. 🙂 This is really fabulous and pleases our hearts in the warmest way.

But back to PEI. Yes, the island is truly famous for potatoes. The potatoes taste quite different here, too. More intense in taste, different in consistency, spicier. Hei Owen – you would love the island just for the potatoes. 🙂 And very friendly people live here.

And Yvonne, we met her in Newfoundland, is also coming back to us. So the five of us have a great evening with lots of conversations and strong laughter.


Newbrunswick is so very different

We’re going over the bridge from PEI down to Newbrunswick. We are curious to see what’s going on and what’s waiting for us. In short – we did not like it. We can’t say exactly what the reason was – maybe because we were still in Newfoundland. Newbrunswick was boring, bland, overcrowded, not very friendly, distant. This is the impression we got – can of course be felt completely different by someone else. That’s why we don’t miss anything from Newbrunswick.


Quebec the big province

So we cross Newbrunswick quickly and are curious about the Gaspésie Peninsula. Here we are already warned in the Visitor Center in Pércé about the behaviour of the Quebequais. The nature on the peninsula is by far not as intoxicating and overwhelming as our expectations were. We get to know the peninsula mainly as an agricultural peninsula. When we cross over to Quebec by ferry in Trois Pistoles we are looking forward to the great nature, which the photos in the beautifully prepared flyers and brochures promise. Yes, it is a very beautiful area. Overwhelming nature, forest where the eye can see. Green, dense, deciduous and coniferous forest, maple – everything is represented. Nevertheless – despite all the beauty and wonderful nature – it doesn’t come close to Newfoundland. At the latest here we have to admit that we are addicted to Newfoundland.


The Quebequais – they are different

All Swiss people know about the so-called Röstigraben. This is a virtual trench that linguistically divides the small country from the French and German part of Switzerland. This rift is mentally so deep in the minds of the Swiss that time and again political, cultural and social opposites trigger heated discussions and disputes. The same seems to be the case here in Canada. The Quebequais and the rest of Canada – the English-speaking part of Canada – never seem to have the same opinions and views. So the French speaking Canadians are very condescending towards the English speaking Canadians. In Europe, France, the counterpart of the Quebequais, shows the same behaviour. I have a theory about this – it must be the language French that leads the stubborn behaviour politically, culturally and socially against the rest of the world!



We are sure that if we had been first in PEI, Newbrunswick and Quebec and then in Newfoundland, this report would have been much more substantial. But now we have traveled the other way around and the Quebequais may forgive me for being a little bit harsh about it here. 🙂

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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