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What we miss from northern spain

Beautiful coasts in northern Spain

What we miss from northern spain

When you think of Spain, you think of flamenco, bullfights, tapas and good food. So we do. 🙂 and certainly not in Northern Spain.

With cheerful courage and with a certain joyful expectation of all the fine delicacies, we cross – but not yet – the border from France to northern Spain on October 8, 2018. The border crossing is, as everywhere else in the EU area, not very spectacular. Which is of course enormously welcome. So we head for the small town of San Sebastian with great expectation.




In San Sebastian we head straight for the old town. It is said to be very beautiful and worth seeing. Right at the entrance to the old town we find an ice cream parlor where we eat our first Spanish ice cream. It turns out that the ingredients are all of natural origin and the cold delicacy melts deliciously on our tongues. We continue to stroll between old venerable buildings and do not even know in which tapas bar we should steer to. Countless such bars have opened their doors and invite you with wonderfully inviting displays (… cool pun – inviting displays…). We decide on a bar that can offer an incredibly large selection. And we eat more than our fill. So these two delicacies – ice cream and tapas – are available all the time and we will definitely miss them.




The coasts of northern Spain resemble those of Brittany. Although there are much more forests here than in the north of France. It is not for nothing that a part of this Spanish water land border is called Costa Verde. Thousands of eucalyptus trees grow here. We were told by a Spaniard that these trees do not originate here. The economy brought these trees here to produce paper. Because the eucalyptus forces the local and original fauna and flora to die out.



We are not quite warming up to the mentality of the northern Spanish. They are already friendly and help even if we ask someone. But these people are rather reserved and reserved.



The coastal areas and beaches of northern Spain are scenically very beautiful and worthwhile. The people, however, are distant and not so accessible – at least in our experience.

Therefore, we would only visit this region for the landscape. Also the tapas here in the north are not as delicious as we know them from Andalusia. Therefore, we are rather reserved concerning the enthusiasm of northern Spain.


Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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