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What we miss from North and South Carolina and Georgia

Angel Oak

What we miss from North and South Carolina and Georgia

We miss trees and Old Men’s Beard. North-, South-Carolina and Georgia – these are the three states with the beautiful oak trees and the plants hanging low. This is just indescribably beautiful to look at.

Ancient Oaks and Old Men’s Beard

I have always found trees fascinating. The shapes of the overall appearance, the different leaves and their geometric sameness, the bark – sometimes soft, sometimes rough, sometimes smooth. But chicken skin I get at the sight of the big, huge old oaks. A massive oak tree called Angel Oak, some 400 to 500 years old, stands near Charleston. It is 20 meters high (this is not the impressive measure), measures only 8.5 meters in circumference, but provides shade for about 1600 m2 area. Boff… that’s just incredibly big. The longest branch is 57 meters. 57 meters… isn’t that just incredible?

And then there’s Old Men’s Beard. What is that? Well, it is a plant of the genus Usnea and includes lichens that hang down from trees. In German, this is also known as Baumbart. The plant is also interesting from a medicinal point of view. Because it has an antibiotic effect which is nothing more than an antibiotic obtained as unic acid.

Cemeteries with character

Especially in South Carolina, the cemeteries are also very beautiful and you should visit them. However, pay attention to the respect of the dead. When you stroll along the paths in the cemeteries and the mighty branches of the large trees rise protectively over the graves, the Old Men’s Beard gently swaying with the wind, it has a magical effect. It’s quiet and calming and I could be here for hours. It is so peaceful.

The charm of the south

The southern states have their very own charm. People are different here. The accents are sometimes really hard to understand. I had to ask him twice about what he meant. However, even with the second time of the explanation I understood basically only station.

Even if the landscape and the cities of the southern states enchant the visitor with their charm and beauty, there is also much suffering in these states. Slavery was booming here and that is the big downside of these states which they will probably never get rid of.

Visit to an aircraft carrier

We then took a look around on an aircraft carrier in Charleston. It is the USS Yorktown, which has been anchored here for some 40 years as a time machine of U.S. military history. With this vehicle, the U.S. is demonstrating to the world that it is an empire and has carried out illegal wars of aggression on and off for the past – let’s say – 70 years.

Nevertheless, these steel constructions are fascinating and mega big. The USS Yorktown is 270 meters long and served as housing for about 3400 soldiers. As a display model, discarded aircraft such as Tomcat or Wildcat can then be seen on deck – and of course other aircraft such as helicopters.

The sleeping wards or the dentist’s chair can also be visited. And if you then embark on a journey of thought as to how they probably pulled a tooth back then, then you are enormously pleased with the technical advances of today. The anesthetic hammer has given way to a strawberry-flavored gel that is foreign to anxiety. Which makes local anesthesia massively friendlier and more comfortable.


We like the southern states enormously in terms of scenery. The houses, built in colonial style, are as fascinating as they are admirable to look at. It is tidy, clean, very quiet and peaceful. However, due to the proximity to the swamps, the millions of mosquitoes are unbearable and massively annoying. Mosquitoes are a crap invention of nature. We miss the southern states and their charm.

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