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What we miss from New Mexico

New Mexico

What we miss from New Mexico

What does man associate with the state of New Mexico in general? Our idea was – certainly influenced by the word Mexico in it – that it is very Mexican here and here. So burritos and tacos, chili and spicy food and sombreros as big as gully lids. Certainly not so difficult because this leads to poor posture and headaches. And how now? The New Mexico?

What we miss from New Mexico

New Mexico is a U.S. state like the other 49. So American-oriented. But yes – it has a touch of Mexico. About 42% of the inhabitants are of Hispanic descent. Because of its southern location and the fact that it is located on the windward side (lee) of the Rocky Mountains, the climate of New Mexico is consistently very dry and very hot, especially in summer. In winter, however, it can also get frosty cold due to the altitude, especially in the north, where there is a pronounced winter sports area in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

A cave bigger than a Boeing 747

What is the first word that escapes the mouth when you see alone the entrance to the cave of the Carlsberg Tavers ? Wow… yes, more is not possible. The size of this cave cannot be guessed from the entrance gate to the underworld. This cave consists of a total of about 80 caves, all of which are connected. The lowest point is 487 meters below the earth’s surface. There are tons of earth above you. Nevertheless – visiting this cave is a must. It’s just overwhelming down there. We couldn’t get out of the amazement of the different formations and rocks and spent about 5 hours underground. It’s worth it.

The City of Rocks – City of Rocks

The City of Rocks is a collection of towering huge granite boulders somewhere in the desert. It is fascinating how these rocks have formed on the 49 km2 National Reserve over the millennia.

Pueblos in the rocks

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument are really old gated communities into the mountain. It is estimated that the Mogollon culture here is about in the 13. to the 14th century existed. It is estimated that around 10 to 15 families lived in the five large caves.

Aguirre State Park, New Mexico

This campground belongs to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the USA and is usually free to use for a maximum of 14 days. This campground is located on a mountainside and is the only one that is chargeable. Because he is entertained. The view from up here over the entire valley is enormous. From up here you can see a military base with a landing site for aircraft as well as the White Sands far back on the horizon. A large area with snowy sand. In this area, rocket tests are carried out once or twice a week – in the summer months. Then the road is closed in the middle of the White Sands. Yes, to have a vehicle that suddenly has rocket propulsion we do not find so crisp.


New Mexico is a diverse state. Varied in the sense of nature and the sights. The Mexican culture and the manana mentality can also be experienced here and give this state a southern character.

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