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What we miss from Mexico – for the second time

Über den Pyramiden von Teotihuacan

What we miss from Mexico – for the second time

So now that we were hobby hoteliers, which we enjoyed very much, we move on. We have to go on insofar as we have a home vacation ahead of us. So we drive to Puerto Escondido in the direction of Mazunte and Zipolite. Reminder. These two locations were hit directly and hard by Hurricane Agatha. The hotel guests who had been through the hurricane night showed us videos of how the storm had raged. Now let’s see if maybe we can help somewhere. And we visit again a Pueblo Magico

Trip to the hurricane villages

We drive in the direction of Mazunte. It is the first village of the two. Already after the first bend before the town sign we see the results of the hurricane. Just before entering the village, there is a huge tree right next to some rickety houses. That was our memory. Now this monster tree is lying across the floor. Just missed the houses – what luck. Can you imagine the fears these people have endured? No we can not. We drive through the village. Mud and dirt all over the road and that even though the storm passed through here about three weeks ago. The military helped during the first two weeks, providing water and food to the population as well as first aid and removing large debris and trees. Houses totally destroyed. After three weeks, it is still a picture of devastation. Terrible. We drive in to Zipolite. The same picture. We ask at the campground if we can stay overnight and help. They deny it and just say they are back to setting up. There is nothing we can do here. You already have the help and support you need. Sad and depressed we drive on and decide to go to Franz. Maybe he needs help. We stay a few days with Don Paco (Franz). He and his campground are doing well. After two days at Don Taco, we head towards Oaxaca City. The trip will be as memorable as the pictures of Mazunte and Zipolite. A swath of devastation, bent bamboo groves, trees splintered and that some 40 kilometers inland. Yes – Agatha took a toll – 20 people dead. Madness how nature can develop power.

Drive to Oaxaca to the 5-star campground

Our drive to Oaxaca City or Santa Maria del Tule to the 5-star campground is not very exciting. We spend a few days at the campground, meet Stefan and other old acquaintances again. Then we continue to Puebla and shortly thereafter head again for a familiar destination. We spend the night again at the campground of Mina and finally book the long-awaited balloon flight over the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

Here the Dubu gets a wellness cure. All oils are replaced. This means 8.5 liters of engine oil, 8.1 liters of automatic transmission oil, 4.2 liters of transfer case oil, 1.4 liters of axle gear oil and wheel gear oil 0.85 liters per wheel. Smeary business – in any case official and generally accepted in contrast to the smearing of politicians and business bosses. 😉

Above the pyramids of Teotihuacan

Ok – the title is stolen, derived and alienated – but it fits. We also have to make sacrifices. Getting up early is the name of the game. Already at 5 o’clock are picked up with and driven to the starting place. First we have breakfast, then we divide into groups and off we go to the balloon. Around 50 balloons rise in the morning sun – only we haven’t even got into the basket yet. Our balloon is folded small again. Well, this is not how I imagined a balloon ride. But the Mexicans are quick as a flash to already fill a new balloon with hot air. This is ours. The other one apparently had a flat tire. 🙂 After all, it’s called ballooning and not flying. And who drives has tires. And tires – when they have no more air in them – are flat. So with the unbelievable simple logic, in ballooning it must also mean “he has a flat tire”. :-))

From the pyramids to Tepotzotlán

Tepotzotlán is a municipality and a city with about 40,000 inhabitants. The old town counts tepozotlan to the peblo magicos Pueblo Magicos are towns that have been distinguished as particularly worth visiting because of their typical and well-kept character. Currently in Mexico around, as of 2023, 121 such localities are designated as Pueblo Magico. Here we will park the Dubu for a few weeks and fly back to Switzerland. But we will be back.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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