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This way is one really self-sufficient

Self-sufficient - self-sufficiency when shaving

This way is one really self-sufficient

Being self-sufficient – that is what all Womo and Expo owners want. Preferably be nonstop self-sufficient. But again and again there are such small everyday appliances as a woman’s hairdryer or a man’s razor which force the freedom-loving and independent camper back to a power outlet. OK – some people will say now: “Hey, I have solar on the roof. I don’t need shore power.” “Okay,” I say, “but you’re not really self-sufficient. You have to rely on solar power. It’s perfect for rain clouds.” Yeah, yeah… I’m a bit ironic. So if you really want to be fully independent, I want to show you some potential here. That’s how you are really self-sufficient. 🙂

This way is one really self-sufficient

To take it away right at the beginning – those who object now they wear a beard anyway – can still read the report. Maybe they get the urge to remove the scratchy part below the nose from east to west.

So what does it take to shave self-sufficiently? Razor knife, shaving brush, shaving belt, shaving soap and shaving bowl. All things that are small and compact and require little space. And all without electricity. But I do not recommend waving the sharp razor like that, because otherwise there are massive bandages on your face and you look like a mummy.

I start with warm water with which the facial skin is moistened. It also works with cold water, but then the whiskers do not become so soft and it ticks when shaving. To save water, a cloth can also be dipped in warm water and placed on the face. Lather and apply the shaving soap with the shaving brush. Before attaching the razor, pull the razor briefly over the puller belt. This re-sharpens the knife and removes any whiskers from the shave before – and shave, done.

This type of shaving makes a scratchy sound. This is because the surface of the razor has a certain volume and thus forms a kind of resonating body, which makes the cutting of the beard hairs more sonorous compared to the disposable razors. To get a baby skin-smooth face, the shave should have two passes.

The following is a quick guide to the slow, classic shave:

  1. Soak beard hair
  2. Lather, absolutely with badger hair brush and a good soap / cream
  3. Leave foam to take effect for 3 minutes
  4. Shave with the stroke (direction of hair growth)
  5. Lather again
  6. Shaving against the grain
  7. Remove foam residues with cold water
  8. Dab dry with a clean cloth
  9. Apply aftershave or after balm – if you want and need it
  10. Enjoy the perfect shave and the well-groomed appearance

The utensils for self-sufficient shaving

You want to be independent and feel like a real guy in the middle of nature? I would like to explain a few more points because the variety on the market for self-sufficient shaving is great. At the beginning you need a little more time, depending on your talent more or less practice. The first attempts you will approach with a little more caution because you know that the razor is very sharp. But hei – every shaver has a sharp blade somewhere. The razor just shows it more honestly.

The razor – main tool for self-sufficient shaving

The Razor is the symbol of sharpness – and a purchase for life. Properly maintained, this thing will last forever. But not all razors are the same. Where are the differences? Let one thing be said in advance at this point. A razor – even for beginners – costs between 120 and 170 francs (would be 100-150 euros). There are no expenses for replacement blades. If you don’t want to spend quite so much at the start, you can get an interchangeable blade razor for 20 – 40 francs (would be 10 to 25 euros).

There are basically two widths for razors. The 5/8″ for the untrained hand and the 7/8″ for the advanced. But everyone must decide for himself what is better in his hand. What is also worth mentioning are the head shapes. Depending on the shape of the head it is easier to get into difficult places or to give the beard an almost artistic form.

Head shapes razor blade

Razor head shapes: 1. Gradkopf, 2. Roundhead,, 3. French head, 4. spanish head

The honing belt – for the necessary sharpness

An important accessory for the knife shave is a leather puller or strop. This becomes necessary practically from the first shave. And why does it need such a belt? Very simple: The very fine cutting edge of the razor has a thin burr, which must be set up again before every shave. During every shave this burr is affected, but also by relaxation processes in the metal the burr can be bent by simply lying around. Therefore, a new razor must also be removed before each shave to straighten the burr.

The shaving brush – massage for the face

Don’t buy some shaving brush. Mostly badger hair (is more expensive) is used, although there are cheaper shaving brushes made of pig bristles, horsehair or synthetic fibers. Brush heads with badger hair are offered in three grades. Stick hair, plucked hair and silver tip. Anyone who has ever had a shaving brush made of badger hair – and especially from the badger’s belly region – on their face will want nothing else. Firstly: badger hair does not absorb water or foam and therefore always remains supple. Secondly, the foam becomes very fine and its application to the skin resembles a massage. The skin is therefore not unnecessarily irritated.

Shaving foam – the softener for the beard hair

Shaving foam has two important functions: Firstly, it should swell the whiskers, secondly, it should help the razor glide. Leave the lather on the skin for about 3 minutes after application before you start shaving.

Conclusion – this is how you are really self-sufficient

I’ve never enjoyed shaving. After a shave – especially if I had to do it every day – I felt like coming from the butcher. Also shaving with an electric appliance was rather obligatory and laborious for me, which always led to the fact that I only shaved every 5th day.

Since I have been shaving with the razor in the classic way, especially my neck does not feel like it would have been if I had been dragged over it with sandpaper. And it’s fun and it makes me feel like a real guy – like a cowboy. Hahaha…

And I’m really self-sufficient.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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