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The insulation of the suitcase

Before the expansion and from the military era.

The insulation of the suitcase

The insulation of the suitcase. So we had already gained some experience for the isolation of the living suitcase. And it turned out that the living room suitcase was much easier to cut the mats and the floor plates to size.


Universal adhesive in closed space

Actually  the teacher at school has already said it and the salesman in the store has repeated it. But obviously there is a certain type of people – like me, for example – who have to gain practical experience before you believe it. And so I opened the lid of the glue box in the living room suitcase full of zest for action and spread the glue on the insulation mat and base plate. It did not take long and the fumes of the glue did its work.

This might be quite funny in the beginning, but the headache in the evening was the reason why I decided not to do the gluing in closed rooms anymore. As I said, there is a certain type of people who learn best through practice. And so we unceremoniously moved the gluing of the insulation mats to the floor tiles to the terrace of the apartment.

The glue fumes have no effect here.

I wonder if the solvents will also work in the open air?

The cable duct idea

During the work on the terrace I got a clear head. So much fresh air doesn’t even hurt. On the contrary – at this point the idea was born how to lay the cables and water pipes in the living room suitcase. Why is this so definitely mentioned here? One must know that the tub from  Original case of the Commando-Duro’s has a difficult shape. This makes it possible to obtain a large area without having to accept any restrictions in height.

Limited by the shape of the tub.

The shape of the tub restricts the surface area.

More about the cable channel in the next report.


Materials used

We have used the following materials for the insulation of the suitcase.

Used tool:
  • Cutter
  • Felt tip pen for marking
  • Painter’s spatula
  • Scale
  • Brush 40mm wide
Material used:
  • Insulation mats X-trem Isolator®
  • Universal adhesive for different materials
  • Plywood boards birch, thickness 12mm
Bought at:
  • Isolation mats and universal adhesive at www.reimo.com
  • Cutter, pencils,  Painter’s spatula, brush and scale from the hardware store

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