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Sea ​​Buckthorn a superfood

Sea ​​buckthorn. Amazing high of Vitamin C

Sea ​​Buckthorn a superfood

The North of Germany – specifically the area from Usedom to and including Rügen – is dominated by one plant, the Sea Buckthorn. The plant is the most important representative of the oleaginous plant family (Elaeagnaceae), to which the oleaginous plants (Elaeagnus) also belong.


Sea Buckthorn is little known in the Alpine region. And if it is, then mostly only as an additive in the form of syrup for a limp drink. But the berries of this plant are enormously versatile in their application. We stumbled rather coincidentally on Rügen into a farm shop which seems to be the stronghold of the Sea Buckthorn. Here you can get everything, but also really everything made of and with this fruits. From pasta, to jam, mustard, honey, sausage, beer, wine, skin care products, Prosecco … there are obviously no limits to the imagination.


Harvesting the plant berries is laborious and sometimes painful because of the long thorns, so you should definitely wear gloves. The best varieties for picking are “Dorana” and “Orange Energy”. They have relatively long fruit stems and the berries come off well without ripping. If you choose a time of harvest that is not too early, the fruits can also be harvested by shaking them off. This is done by spreading a sheet under each branch and then shaking the branches or beating them with a wooden stick until the berries fall off.

It is a must for Fans of Sanddorn. The old Pommernkate

It is a must for Fans of Sanddorn. The old Pommernkate


The fruits contains an unusually high amount of vitamin C. Depending on the variety, this varies between 200 and 900 mg per 100 g of fruit flesh. This means that the average vitamin C content of 50 mg per 100 g for lemons or oranges is exceeded several times. Sea buckthorn berries even contain beta-catorin and tanning agents in not small amounts. In addition, it contains – in small amounts – vitamin B12, which usually only occurs in animal food. Sea Buckthorn pulp contains between three and five percent oil. The oils (kernel and fruit oil or mixed) are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, have a very high proportion of carotenes and contain practically the entire vitamin complex. It also contains a high proportion of palmitoleic acid. It is healthy for sure.

We recommend a visit to the Old Pommernkate. Here you can find the superfood as far as the eye can see.

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