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Review Newfoundland – Episode 2

Review Newfoundland – Episode 2

And now here is the review Newfoundland – Episode 2 of our Newfoundland tour. We are aware that the video is veeeeery long. We just couldn’t cut it any further – yes, we already cut it. 🙂 It is a charming island right to the last corner. The winters are relatively long – means about 6 months. The summer is accordingly short, so usually only about 2 months. And this summer time is really something special. Drive to King’s Point in July/August and you will see the last icebergs. A spectacle unlike any other. And with a little luck the humpback whales will be back in the bay. They come pretty close to the shore. Enjoy it.

Be sure to stop by Twillingate. The cliffs are enormous and the view out to sea is incomparable. A visit to the aviation museum near Gander is also very interesting. The place has a great past in terms of aviation. During the Second World War, the airfield was a stopover for thousands of aircraft for transfer to Europe. Furthermore, the airport was also a stopover in the 1950s when the range of passenger planes was not yet sufficient to reach the destination after the transatlantic flight. The planes were refuelled here. And after the 9/11 drama Gander was the destination of about 23 planes. Overnight the population has taken in over 6500 stranded passengers. When the hotels and hostels were full, private individuals came forward and offered shelter. If that’s not an act that deserves the greatest recognition.

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