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Review June 2019

Review June 2019

We start the second part of our big journey with the delivery of our Duro in the port of Hamburg. The Hanseatic city of Hamburg itself is a beautiful and exciting location. You will find the best ice cream in the world in Hamburg. Visit mamamarta.de and you will be thrilled. You can find some impressions in the video. Enjoy the Review June 2019.

Then finally – the long-awaited moment – the cargo ship arrives in Halifax, Nova Scotia – and we can’t wait to get on board and leave. To discover beautiful Canada and its friendly and cheerful people.

Many thanks to our hosts in Halifax – Maria and Terry. They were wonderful and showed us great places around Halifax and they took us to the historic monument were the Swiss Flight 111 was crashed.

During the two weeks we waited for our Duro in halifax, we had to kill time somehow. So we started bouldering at seven bay. It was a great experience and we want to continue it. Of course outdoors in real rocks.

We will create a video of each province or state with impressions and review. Maybe this will not always happen at the end of each month because internet access is not always guaranteed. Of course we hope that you like our videos and we are looking forward to your feedback. All videos will be posted on our Youtube channel and published as video post on our blog. Well then – enjoy our Review June 2019.


Well – here we are and we are so excited -awesome!

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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