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Review July 2019 – Visit Nova Scotia

Dubus in Nova Scotia

Review July 2019 – Visit Nova Scotia

Visit Nova Scotia because Nova Scotia surprised us very much. Surprised about nature, surprised about the very friendly, cheerful and helpful people. Cape Breton and the area around the lake Bras D’Or did us especially well. Please see our review about Nova Scotia.


A round trip through Nova Scotia is wonderfully relaxing. In summer it is pleasantly warm. Some places linger for a stroll along the harbor or countless trails draw you in. Especially the big parks are a blast. In the south it is the Kejimkujik National Park whose name we still cannot pronounce even after countless attempts. But what is enormously worth it is an overnight stay in the park. When the starry sky appears on a clear night, you will never want to leave up there again. But it can get chilly. So good clothes and a thick sleeping bag is recommended. And in the north of course Cape Breton with the beautiful Cape Breton Highlands.


Also worth a visit in Digby during the Scallops season. This is the stronghold of the Scallops and they serve them in all imaginable variations. They’re awesome in every way.
The drive to Cape Split is also worthwhile. The trail leads up to a high headland. From here you can watch the tidal currents lying relaxed in the grass. These tidal streams are especially impressive when the water glides between the rocks. There one can only guess the power of the water. It is certainly funny to go on a guided boat tour to these tidal streams. Then one experiences the power of the water very closely.

See also our report about the beautiful Province.

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