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Review August 2019 – Newfoundland

Review August 2019 – Newfoundland

It is difficult to describe that feeling we got about Newfoundland. I guess, it is much easier to have a look to some pictures about that Island. But it will be just show you a small impression about it – our Review Newfoundland.

Review Newfoundland

Our experiences are so varied that we have taken tons of photos. So the video became a bit longer – two episodes. Here is episode 1.

And if you haven’t had enough you will find here episode 2.

If you still haven’t had enough, you can also read the Newfoundland report. It is definitely worthwhile to take this island on the bucket list. Not only because of the nature but also because of the people. Newfoundland has a lot to offer historically. And if you have a little more time, you can take the ferry to Labrador.


A trip to Port au Port East is also worthwhile. And not far away is the charming town of Hidden Falls. There a little walk, along the shore or back to the waterfall. That’s a completely different world.

Further If you drive to Cape Saint George you have a great view over the Gulf of Saint Lorenz. And if you are lucky you can also see some Orcas down in the Gulf. Sometimes Fog is coming over the Gulf of Saint Lorenz and fetch the whole coast. Scarry…. 🙂

Want see more movies about our journey – please see our YouTube channel.

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