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SKROSS Pro – World

Anyone who travels a lot to other countries must certainly feed some equipment with electricity. This adapter has already helped us enormously in many situations. It also has a USB port. The part is really ingenious because you can power devices with up to 1500 watts.



The most powerful world travel adapter prepares you for your adventures in over 195 countries. He does not need much space and weighs only 207 grams.

  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Suitable for grounded and ungrounded devices (2- & 3-pole)
  • Off for devices: Europe (Schuko & 2-pole Euro), Australia/China, UK, USA/Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
  • For the following socket standards: Europe (Schuko), Australia/China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Max. Load: 6.3 A
  • Power: e.g. at 100 V – 630 W / 250 V – 1575 W
  • Exchangeable fuse: T 6.3 A
  • USB Type-A Output: 5.0 V DC / Max. 2.4 A, Max. 12.0 W
  • Average operating efficiency: 81.8
  • Efficiency at low load (10 %): 76.3
  • Power consumption at no load: 0.05 W
  • No voltage transformer

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207 grams


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