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Pick up vehicle in Halifax

Pick up our vehicle in Halifax is going to be a Marathon.

Pick up vehicle in Halifax

Picking up vehicle in Halifax seems to be in marathon after two weeks to be lazy. It must three addresses are approached to be able to release the vehicle from the terminal. But first of all it is necessary to find an address.

After the cargo ship has left the port – in our case Hamburg – we waited anxiously for the mail with the shipping documents from Seabridge. Until the arrival of the papers we spent the time tracking the RoRo ship via internet. You think this is boring – pah… It is very exciting to see how the icon of “our” cargo ship moves on the monitor. 🙂


Pick up vehicle in Halifax

In order to be able to release our Duro as quickly as possible, we entered the addresses we received from Seabridge into the Navi and visited this address in advance. The carrier can be found at the address given – no problem, it fits.
The second contact point is the Canada Border Service Agency – short CBSA – which is close to our residence. Perfect, you can even reach it on foot. So we go on foot to find the address. There we stand in front of the brown brick building of the CBSA and find it suspiciously quiet here. No cars in the parking lot, no lights in the office. The answer’s at the front door. The cbsa moved on may 29, 2019. The new address is on the door. Quickly I enter the address into the navigation system and see there – street found, red dot in the middle of an intersection. Huh??? What’s up now? I try out all the navigation apps I have installed – there are only five. 🙂 They all aim at the same point – crossing. OK – Google Maps knows the address for sure. It’s the worldwide encyclopedia for everything. Type in the address, find it, zoom in on näher… Shit, crucifix, stupid programs… Destination = red symbol on the crossing.


Adresse der CBSA führt auf eine Kreuzung. Interessante Adresse.
Interesting address – was a building built over an intersection?


Where is CBSA?

So we’ll go looking for this address the next day. With the public transport we are on our way. To understand the bus line system in Halifax there is a guide in the schedule plan. But no one understands it. After one hour of studying which bus line will take us to the CBSA address, we find ourselves at the intersection after another hour. And here we find the solution. The road is so new that even the omniscient Google Yoda does not know about it yet. Although Google Maps apparently has the maps from 2019 (see the year on the bottom right of Google Maps) online.


This is the CBSA

We walk along the road and actually find a brand new building at 263 Susie Lake Crescent, Halifax. So new that even the traffic lights are not in use yet and surrounding shops could not tell us where 263 Susie Lake Cre is.


Keine Strasse in Google Maps
The road ends in Google Maps and in most navigation systems abruptly in Nirvana. Currently (as of June 20, 2019) the road is already continued and even provided with traffic lights. But there are no signposts.


Der Eingang zur Canadian Border Service Agency
New address, new Outlook. A modern building – not yet labelled.

And here are the coordinates for all those who are also looking for the building at the intersection.

Decimal system: 44.646440, -63.678560
degrees-minutes-seconds: 44°38’47.2 “N 63°40’42.8 “W

For more information on the CBSA, please click here.

At least we could Pick up vehicle in Halifax – ours.

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