Geld sparen

Money – who doesn’t want it?

Everybody wants money

Money – who doesn’t want it?

You don’t talk about money – that’s what it’s called. Ok, the first thing I ask myself is, who are you? If you don’t want to talk, he’s just supposed to be silent. So, let’s talk about money – who doesn’t want it?

But before I start talking about money, there’s another chapter in advance. Because without sheds further light on this, the rest of the topic certainly does not work. It’s like building a house – if you start with the walls and the roof, you’ll pretty much freeze your butt in winter. Because there is no basis – the ground. So let’s start with the ground.

I wrote on the page”Find your way” (I know the title reads very philosophically) about how you can find and define goals. So if you know the goal, you can take the next step. And what is it now, the next step? You won’t like it. That will be pretty stupid with the implementation. But it needs this step.

Geld sparen

The next step to money

So – do you sit? To get to your destination, you need money. And you get money – if you don’t have debt. So what does that mean? It means you should adjust your attitude to spending money. I deliberately don’t write “change and need to.” I can’t force you and you’re supposed to think for yourself if your goal seems valuable enough to you. So how do you avoid debt?

Preventing debt

In this day and age, it is extremely tempting to indulge in every offer that presents itself to you. But just – you have to have money for everything and spend this. And a few people go out – usually on weekends or online – and buy what the stuff holds. Buying like a bunny rams. Result – Debt because the credit card is quickly ripped off. As a result, you shouldn’t get into debt in the first place. So the handling of money wants to be learned. So how do you start to achieve your goal?

Start to make money

If you belong to your younger contemporaries, start saving your money now. Sure, it’s hard to watch when your friends show up with new designer clothes. Of course, it’s hard to watch your friends drive up with a new strong Mercedes, BMW, Audi. But think about how they came to the money to buy such potency slingshots. Exactly – they have taken on debt, borrowed. And these loans aren’t paid for on the next wage – it takes years for the boys and girls to pay off the debt. They also pay interest on the loan. So you have to pay even more than the goods were actually worth.

And especially in the case of cars, the loss of value is massive. Insert ignition keys, ignite, first gear in, drive over the threshold of the sales room – a third of the money you have invested is already gone. Speaking of investing – the money was borrowed from the bank. So the car actually belongs to the bank. You only have the right of use. Completely stupid.

Do you really need the stuff?

Ask yourself if you really need all the things that sparkle so much when you sell. How long do you need these items to be satisfied? Several years? Several months? Maybe only several weeks? The probability that these items will satisfy you is probably more likely to be days or a maximum of two weeks. That’s why ask yourself this question:

Never think of one as happy, who depends on external things.

That’s why spending money on things that only satisfy you for a short time is pretty stupid. Do you get a list of the things you’ve bought the last two months? Sobering, isn’t it?

Take a look at this list and take a closer look at everything you bought. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Again, the answers are surprising. So if you keep this in mind at the next urge to buy something, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”


You have now gotten a first thought boost about how to get money. Avoid debt and only buy things you really need. However, if you already have debts, think about how to get away from them.

That’s quite a lot of what you can think about now. That’s why I’m ending this post here. But there will be more to come on the subject of money. Be patient and stay in touch with us. You can subscribe to the newsletter in the sidebar or at the bottom. Then nothing escapes you. 🙂

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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