Dubu on the road

Kick-off with the Duro

The DuBu is at the start. Duro

Kick-off with the Duro

The days up to the starting signal with the Bucher Duro are soon counted. We are very happy and are curious what we can experience.

Kick-off with the Bucher Duro

But before it finally starts we would like to thank our relatives, friends and acquaintances. We were able to get a lot of help and support. One can hardly imagine what there is to organize in such a project and so many people helped us with words and deeds. Also, we have already made many new acquaintances who have even turned into friendships.

Thank you!

We would like to express our special thanks to:
– Verena (Mum of Thomas)
– Jeannette (Sister of Claudia)
– Camilla & Christian (Parents of Claudia)
– Markus (Ex-husband of Claudia and dear friend)
– Carmen und Michael (Tdaughter and son of Claudia; two great young adults)
– Berni and Rico (former colleague and former boss – the best I (Thomas) ever had and more than just a friend)
– Beat (dear friend of both of us and ambitious golfer with great handycap)
– Agi (brother of Claudia, brother-in-law and all-round craftsman)
– Gabi (great neighbour and hideaway offerer 🙂 )
– Lisa and Markus (dear friends who also gave us shelter)
– Martina and Claudio (helpful neighbours whose electric tools we were allowed to use without interruption for 3 years)
– Jasmin and Martin (great hosts for the Duro and us; here we were allowed to place the Duro and work)
– Christine and Rolf (we will certainly miss your vegetables and strawberries)
– Monika and Frederic (Steyr 12M18 drivers and dear friends)
– Jörg and the entire Overland 4Tec team (www.overlandtechnics.ch – ingenious garage with concentrated offroad know-how)
– Christoph (Pinzgauer and Duro-Guru www.gut-automobile.ch)
– Sabine and Reto (Pössl-Driver www.living-in-a-box.ch and dear friends
– Anita and Roger (Duro rider www.nichtswieweg.ch; met on the motorway before Stuttgart and became dear friends)
– Tanja and Jürg (also Duro riders, but with one more axle and more dear friends)
– Yvonne and Guido (Toyota driver with toadstool case) www.travely.ch – doesn’t stand out any more. 🙂 and dear friends)
– Sibylle and Hermann (Iveco driver www.d-hai.ch and dear friends)
– Marita and Jan (Mercedes-Sprinter-Driver www.majanta.net   and mobile library with about 16’000 books)

and heartily: Pia, Doris & Markus, Corina & Thomas, Inge & Jean-Pierre, Jasmin & Markus, Dorli & Hansi, Olgi & Werner, Helga & Shirin, Heidi & Werni, Petra & Michael, Fam. Happy, Cheff, Regula & Rolf, Alban, Sonia, Odette

… …and of course to all those whom I have now forgotten to mention due to lost perspective.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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