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It must be the right car! Which one now?


It must be the right car! Which one now?

The right car. What were we looking for on the “Landi-Buschtaxi-Wohn-Expeditionsmobil-Switzerland-Germany-Austria-Market” to choose the right vehicle for us. Of course it should be a vehicle that has a lot of horsepower – after all, you want to prove your power – is economical in consumption and offers a pleasant driving and living comfort. In addition, the mobile base should be easy to operate, have few electrical gadgets and be easy to handle for maintenance and service. We first looked around at big names in the market such as Unicat, ACTION MOBIL, Procab etc. We quickly found out that the things from these manufacturers offer a very luxurious comfort with all the trimmings – but that’s exactly what they come at a price.

Land Rover Defender

Source: jk-forum.org

A smaller vehicle?

Then we set off from the world of the big ones to see the smaller vehicles – i.e. Land Rover, Bushtaxi (classically a Toyota HZJ 78) with these brute looking bodies, because they offer a pleasant comfort. But optically they give the impression that the whole vehicle would tilt backwards when driving uphill and the total weight is probably at the maximum limit. Now the things are ready to drive and not exactly cheap. A lower six-figure amount is quickly reached – there is always room for maneuver against the top. So also nothing.

Clarity of purpose

When we decided  that we would rather use the cost of a new vehicle for travel we could take the next step. And so we looked around the used car market. This offers a fairly wide range of expedition vehicles. Some of them are in very good condition with few kilometres driven (which is getting expensive again) and some are vehicles that have the best years already far behind them. And the offer is wide. Land Rover, Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Ford etc. for the small handy vehicles and MAN, Steyr, Unimog, Scania, Mercedes, Volvo etc. for the large vehicles. So we asked ourselves :” Are there no vehicles between these cute little Landis and what they are all called and the big bulky trucks?”

Bremach T-Rex

Source: auto-motor-und-sport.de


Yes, there are a few models. With the Daily, Iveco offers a 4×4 vehicle that is robust enough to be converted into an expedition vehicle. There are also less well-known vehicles such as the Bremach or SCAM (although SCAM no longer exists as a separate brand). These are Iveco’s today). So the market simply offers a mass of possibilities. So what is the right car now? The first thing to do is to list your needs for a vehicle.

This is how we found our vehicle.

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