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find your way

The way is the goal

Everyone has dreams. One person dreams of a fast car, another dreams of a new interior design, a third dreams of his own house and another dreams of traveling around the world. With this one it remains a dream, with the other the dream becomes reality at some point. But why is it that few succeed in making dreams come true and why is it that many others do not? Good question - isn't it?

Dein Weg finden
Dein Weg finden Meer

Well, I certainly do not possess the universal and only truth on how to achieve dreams. But I have managed to realize a great dream. So what did it take for me to make my dream come true? I would like to give you a few tips and suggestions on how you too can get closer to your dream and live it in the end.

PS: Of course not only I live my dream but I live it with my wonderful wife. For the sake of simplicity I am writing here in the I-form but Claudia has made the whole way together with me.

The way to the dream

To reach the dream you need a few basic conditions and steps which I would like to bring closer to you here. As I said, it is not the only truth – but for me it was the right way to the dream.

Many people have to set goals in their work and pursue them so that one or the other project can be achieved and completed. The interesting thing about this is that many people successfully implement projects in their professional lives, but in their private lives they often fail. Why is that so? The concrete goal is missing.

Therefore the most important thing first – set a GOAL!

How do I set a goal?

In general it can be said that people who set themselves a goal and have a clear goal in mind, act actively and are goal-oriented. This means, conversely, that people are more organized, focused and fulfilled. They do not wait for a miracle, but do something about it. Because –

Without a goal no goal direction!

Put yourself in a sailor’s shoes for once. The sailor wants to sail out of the harbor with his boat. Ok… he gets into the boat, unhooks the lines, chugs out of the harbor under engine and is… Yep, exactly… out of the harbor. And then? Without a goal, he does not know how to set sail.

So set yourself a goal. The target gives you direction. If you have a goal, then you can think about how to get there, what you need and what you have to do. On the way to the big goal you can set yourself small goals – I like to call them intermediate goals. The purpose of these milestones is to let you know if you get off track. If you have strayed from the path, you can therefore correct it. But this only works if you have defined intermediate goals.

If you now imagine in your mind how you will reach your goal and if you enter this imagination with feelings, if you form a clear picture, you will get energy and staying power. And in the end you will know exactly when you have reached your destination. You are physically standing in front of your dream – it is reality. I can only tell you – this feeling, these emotions – to have reached the goal is phenomenal. Maybe better than an orgasm? :-))

Der Weg ist das Ziel

How to formulate goals?

Okay, maybe now you’re thinking, “Goal setting is easy. What’s the problem?” Yep… just think how many people make good intentions on New Year’s Eve, then pursue them vigorously in the New Year, and have already lost sight of their good intentions before the end of January. Does that sound familiar? NO… sure not. ­čśë

So let’s take a look at what a target must look like. Look out!!! At this point it’s all about rules – stupid I know… rules again. But you can’t do without them.

Rule number 1: Choose a concrete goal that is positive and realistic!

Rule number 2: Choose a specific target that you can control yourself!

Rule number 3: Formulate concretely how you want to reach your goal!

Rule number 4: Formulate precisely and specifically when you want to reach the goal!

Rule number 5: Write down the points 1-4 on a piece of paper and internalize the 4 points!

If you want to know more about how you get to your destination, then check out our report Money – who doesn’t want it.

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