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Fanello – Good in bed

Fanello - Good in bed

Fanello – Good in bed

Fanello – Good in bed. When we saw this slogan for the first time on the Internet, we had to smile a lot. The slogan first of all calls other images into the brain than you will notice at second glance. What is it about Good in bed in this post? We humans must sleep. And we sleep a lot – on average about 33% of our lifetime is due to sleep. Just by looking at this you can already see how important it is to have a good bed.

At home, your own bed is the restful place for a deep, restful sleep. It looks different on the road. If you go camping with the tent, the sleeping comfort is by far not the same as in bed. Although technology has not stopped inventing new and better insulation mats. If you are traveling with a motor home, the lying and sleeping comfort is a good deal better than with minimal camping with a tent. And yet – the commercially available mattresses for a motor home still leave a lot to be desired.

We found Good in bed

With the above thoughts in mind, we searched the Internet for mattresses that meet our sleeping needs and comfort. We have also found and read dozens of websites about this. Few of the offers have really fulfilled our criteria for a mattress.

But one offer immediately impressed us, and not only because of the special slogan – Good in bed. 🙂 Because the company Fanello produces natural beds made to measure. The special feature of the Fanello bed in the MyLit model is the slatted frame integrated into the mattress. That’s what makes this system so unique because with our substructure construction we need something like that.

We did not have to think long. After finding it on the Internet, we set off for the Caravan Fair in Bern. Fanello had spread out a large selection of mattresses here as an exhibitor. Mr. Meili, owner of Fanello, was full of questions and we soon realized that the concept of internal slats completely appeals to us.

The test-sleeping

So we made an appointment with Mr. Meili to take two different mattresses home. Okay, we ended up taking home three mattresses. After all, we want to be “good in bed.” So we were allowed to take all three versions of the 15 cm high lying areas with us – namely the mattresses eagle owl, owl and seagull. I know it sounds a lot like advertising. It’s just much easier to call a spade a spade. And how did we test the mattresses? Okay… the how should be clear – but not the where. Because we did not want to use our traditional bed with slatted frame. This would not have corresponded to the situation in the Duro. And so we unceremoniously used the living room as a bedroom. It looked something like this for 30 days.

30 days living room as bedroom

The living room becomes a bedroom for 30 days.

Test sleeping under real conditions

We took a lot of time in choosing the right mattress. The 30 days of test sleep were also well chosen. But all this does not yet correspond to the real conditions. So we decided to buy the Fanello mattresses. After an amazingly short production time of just two weeks, we were able to pick up our mattresses in Fahrwangen. We decided to test the mattresses under real conditions on a small tour through the Bavarian countryside. The off-road fair of the world – Abenteuer Allrad in Bad Kissingen – came just in time. We will therefore leave on 15 June 2017 at 3 a.m. at night in the direction of Bad Kissingen. To describe the journey from Rapperswil-Jona to Bad Kissingen here makes no sense – it was all highway. So extremely varied. 🙂

Once we arrived in Bad Kissingen, we were immediately comfortably furnished and were very happy to sleep the first night under real conditions on the new mattresses. And it was awesome.

Fanello - Good in bed


So we are good in bed now – because we would buy these mattresses again immediately. Frankly speaking, we sleep much better on Fanello mattresses than in our home bed. And this, although the dimensions of the bed in the Duro, at 140 x 180 cm, are considerably smaller than the home mattresses. They measure 200 x 210 cm.

If you would like to know more about the Fanello mattresses, you can find initial information here: www.fanello.swiss.ch.

To take it right out front. No, we do not receive commission from Fanello. We are simply completely convinced of these mattresses. And why should one not be allowed to present good, convincing topics just like that?

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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