Dubu on the road

Extendable slatted frame

Extendable slatted frame

Extendable slatted frame

Who is on the road for a long time also wants to sleep well. We have therefore paid great attention to the bed and the basic frame for the bed. Since the available space in the Duro is not very luxuriant, we had to think a lot about how our sleeping place should be constructed. Maybe a pull-out slatted frame

Extendable slatted frame

The first and most obvious idea was to use an extendable slatted frame. On the market, however, one can only find one or two extendable slatted frames. However, these are not to be less than 2 metres long. Our Duro has a maximum width of 1.84 metres. So there are almost 20 centimetres too many slats on the rust. Simply sawing off on one side would be a possibility, but we did not want to do that. We wanted a stable slatted frame that does not wobble or jam when you take it off. So we drew a construction and searched the market for slatted frames that are less than 2 meters long. We found what we were looking for and bought two slatted frames measuring 70 x 180 cm.

Building on the terrace

And again we converted the terrace into a carpentry workshop. We first took the two slatted frames completely apart on receipt. Then, according to our construction drawing, the base frame was shortened to 1.8 meters. This was followed by the joining of the two shortened base frames into an extendable slatted frame. It was important to us that the frame to be pulled out can be guided in a targeted manner to avoid tilting.

Disassembly of the slatted frames

Total removal of the two slatted frames.

Construction of the extendable slatted frame

After building the base frame to the extendable slatted frame, we began to screw the individual slats onto the frame. Beforehand we measured exactly where the reinforced battens should be inserted. These reinforced slats especially support the pelvic and shoulder area so that no pressure points should occur during sleep.

Construction of the slatted frame

Extendable slatted frames can also be restrictive.

After finishing the slatted frame we tested the functionality and suitability of our construction. Well, what can you say. Shit happens… on paper, everything worked out fine. However, the test has shown that the pull-out is anything but really clean and does not jam. We were a little frustrated and we wasted a few hours – nothing more. On the other hand, the insight has been gained that it is only in application that it becomes apparent whether a design really works. For that we have found the great and are good in bed. 🙂

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