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Our tips for your destinations

We want to give you brief information about your destination here. These are general information about countries or places we have already visited.

Each destination starts with a brief overview of the country or place. Here you can quickly find out what awaits you in this place. After that, we list average costs in terms of diesel (our Duro needs diesel therefore the first prices are always the diesel prices) and gasoline prices. This is followed by the cost information about Campgrounds. Where available, we also provide the direct link to the homepage.

In the Food section, we listed the Big Mac index as a general guideline. The Big Mac index is pretty much the only thing you can compare for the same product worldwide. The price comparison is designed to help you estimate what the cost is at your destination. For example, the Big Mac price for Switzerland is at USD 6.54 – the highest price in the index. However, there are countries where the Big Mac index is of no use because there are no McDonalds in this country. For example, Morocco – there is the KFC price index. Yes exactly – Kentucky Fried Chicken – you read correctly. In order for the Big Mac price to be truly comparable, it is always quoted in US Dollars.


Our way

If you want to know more about one of your destinations just click on the flag. The tour line continues on the right. Just click/tap and drag.

The proposal from the daily budget depends on our needs. We are in the median price compared to other travelers in terms of average daily cost. So the daily budget will shift up or down according to your orientations or ventures. Our daily budget must therefore be regarded as a guideline.

With the tips for your first visit, we want to give you hints on how to save money. Who doesn’t want that if you can travel longer for it?

In the Do’s and Don’ts section, we try to describe with our words what is good or not so well received by the locals. Don’t forget – in a foreign country we are the strangers. If you can’t cope with it, it’s best to stay at home.

Of course, our tips are not exhaustive and everything is based on our experiences and encounters with the locals. We are open people and we go to the people. So we have already experienced many joyful moments. Ok, our booker Duro is certainly also a door opener.


Announced places.

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