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Switzerland - What can you expect?

No, Switzerland was, is not and will never be Sweden. Hard to believe how many people equate beautiful Switzerland with Sweden. Our system of government is unique in the world and is called a directorate system in the form of a federal republic. And we are neutral on the global political stage. We Swiss can be really proud of this. And yes, we have 7 heads of government - not just one who has too much power. Switzerland is small, yet we have 4 national languages (German, French, Italian, Romansh). And we Swiss rush through life. Be it while walking or driving a car. The Swiss are petty and nag about everything. Nevertheless he is humorous and lovable.

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Average Costs

Transportation - A liter of diesel cost an average of CHF 1,437 (January-May 2020). For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world was 1.07 CHF. The liter of gas cost 1.328 CHF in the same period. Again, in comparison, the average price in the world was 1.19 CHF.

Campgrounds - The Swiss campgrounds have a wide range of costs. Mostly the prices are between CHF 20-60, but you can expect price differences depending on the region and seasonal times. Further information about campgrounds under myswitzerland.

Food - Big Mac Index = 6.54 USD 1 liter of milk costs on average 1.48 CHF 12 eggs cost on average 8.40 CHF 1.5 liters of water cost on average 1.10 CHF

Suggestion daily budget – 100-150 CHF (Note: This is a budget suggestion, which assumes that you are as free as possible to stay overnight, eat out a little, cook most of your meals yourself and that your vehicle is not the big fuel guzzler. With the budget tips below you can reduce this number at any time. However, if you want to stay in more demanding accommodation or eat out more often, you can expect this amount to be much higher).

Tipps für den ersten Besuch

1. Prepare your food – Basically everything is more expensive in Switzerland. But those who buy vegetables at the weekly market can save a lot of money. Or he can go to one of the many farm shops and stock up on food.

2. Saving while driving – The Swiss Travel Pass is a relatively inexpensive way to explore Switzerland. The pass includes travel by bus, train and boat. This is because public parking spaces are rare and parking your own vehicle can quickly become expensive.

3. Check where the locals eat – Eating out is expensive in Switzerland. But if you don’t always want to cook for yourself, you can order a lunch menu in most restaurants at reasonable prices. Usually the choice is between 3 different menus.

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Do’s and don’ts

Restraint and Discretion

The basic attitude of the Swiss is restraint and discretion. We don’t like it so much when someone attracts too much attention. The Swiss do not need the big “show” – the theatrical appearance. He lets the other person speak out first in order to find out his interests. This is a sign of respect. However, the Swiss hides his emotions with his restraint and thus appears calm and composed on the outside, even though the inside may be bubbling.

Diplomatic communication

Because of his worldwide political neutrality, another characteristic of the Swiss is to express his opinion “through the flower”. He does not want to fall into the house or hurt other people with direct statements.

High commitment

Switzerland is known to be the epicenter of watchmaking. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the Swiss attach great importance to keeping agreements and punctuality. If a deadline cannot be met, he shall notify the postponement in good time. The Swiss is always punctual in coming and going. This results in great reliability and efficiency. The time of the other is respected and the common appointment is used in the best possible way.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.