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Morocco - What can you expect?

Morocco is the closest to mainland Europe. The Strait of Gibraltar separates the African continent only by a 16 km wide passage. But this closeness to Europe does not mean that the Moroccans are culturally close to Europe. It is a different continent, a different country and they have different customs and customs. Whoever comes to Morocco for the first time will be overwhelmed by all the attempts to act wherever possible. The Moroccan quickly recognizes who is in his country for the first time. Whoever answers the question `` C'est votre première fois au Maroc? '' With `` Oui '' is immediately drawn to the next shop and the negotiation begins. However, if you are in trouble somewhere on the street, the willingness to help is incredible. We were once stuck in a dry river bed and two young Moroccans cut off branches from the surrounding bushes and put them under the wheels. Pushing briefly when driving out of the hole and both pull them away again. They are gracious people but also pushy. Those who are unable to cope with this should stay on the European continent.

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Average Costs

Transportation - The liter of diesel cost an average of 7.55 MAD (period January-May 2020). For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world was 8.13 MAD. The liter of gas cost 8.06 MAD in the same period. Again, the average price in the world compared 8.94 MAD.

Campground - Morocco is cheap. Those who want to spend the night on a campground only pay a few dirhams. The differences are big, however, because these campgrounds are privately run. Free standing is the cheapest and practically possible everywhere. it costs nothing.

Food - Big Mac Index = not available for Morocco - the KFC Index is there for that. 1 liter of milk costs an average of 10.00 MAD. 12 eggs costs an average of 12.00 MAD. 1.5 liters of water cost an average of 6 MAD

Suggestion daily budget – 200-400 MAD (We do not use the standard note here because Morocco is extremely cheap for the European. With us 100 grams of olives cost 6 francs, you get about 5 kilos of olives in Morocco.

TIps for first visit

1. Prepare your food – Anyone who wants can stock up on food in the local souk. However, the food in the restaurant is also very cheap – provided you ask for the card with the prices before ordering. Otherwise it can also become more expensive.

2. Saving while driving – City Pass – there is no such thing. But the Gas and Diesel is very cheap. Aber staatlich geprüfte Stadtführer. They are recommended especially in the big tourist places like Fes, Marrakech etc. If you have a guide, you will not be asked to act on every corner. The same applies to the state leader – agree price before the tour.

3. Check where the locals eat – You don’t have to follow that in Morocco. Because the tourist restaurants offer very good food – if you ask for the card with the prices before ordering, the bill can also be digested.

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Do’s and don’ts

Ask permission if you want to photograph a Moroccan. If he says no, respect that! Imagine if 8-10 million visitors come to your house each year and everyone wants to take a picture of you – how quickly are you fed up?

The Moroccans did not invent punctuality. So there is no reason to get hectic and nervous if the Moroccan does not make a precise landing at the agreed time.

Morocco is a conservative Muslim country – so don’t show too much skin. Wear clothes that cover your shoulders – also applies to men !!!

Definitely refrain from taking or using drugs. Unless you really want to see a Moroccan prison from the inside. The police crack down even if drugs are offered on every corner. Appearance is deceptive.

Otherwise, the desert is sensational – silence, starry sky, clear nights. But here, too, the next Moroccan can come crumpled up with his mopeds and want to trade with you for the carpet – of course always at a friendship price.

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