Strand auf Dänemark


Denmark - What can you expect

Coziness is more important to the Danes than anything else. It's their attitude to life. The Danes ride their bikes everywhere and at all times. Perhaps it is even fair to say that there are more bicycles in Denmark than locals. And Denmark is also the birthplace of Lego. In 1949, master joiner Ole Kirk Christiansen built the first Lego brick. For the Danes it is also quite normal to go for a short swim in the sea before or after work - naked, of course.

Arhus Strand
Arhus Duro

Average costs

Transportation - A liter of diesel cost an average of DKK 9.55 (January-May 2020). For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world was 7.62 CHF. A liter of gas cost DKK 10.55 during the same period. Also in comparison the average price in the world was DKK 8.40.

Campgrounds - It is still possible to stand freely in Denmark, which takes a lot of pressure off the budget. But there are also places where it is not possible to stand freely and so you either have to buy a parking ticket or drive to a campground. The parking tickets are not overrun. Concerning campgrounds we cannot say anything. You can find more information under the following link (click on button)

Food - Big Mac Index = 4.72 USD 1 liter of milk costs on average 7.50 DKK 12 eggs cost on average 27.95 DKK 1.5 liters of water cost on average 5.95 DKK

Suggestion daily budget – 298-447 DKK (Note: This is a budget suggestion, which assumes that you are as free as possible to stay overnight, eat out a little, cook most of your meals yourself and that your vehicle is not the big fuel guzzler. With the budget tips below you can reduce this number at any time. However, if you want to stay in more demanding accommodation or eat out more often, you can expect this amount to be much higher).

TIps for first visit

1. Prepare your food – There are not many savings opportunities under this point. Because Denmark is quite high in terms of food prices. On average, food prices are around 148% higher than the EU average. Bread, meat and fish are expensive in Denmark. In contrast, milk, salad and potatoes are cheap.

2. Saving while driving – Rent a bike or bring your own. So you are fully integrated and it costs nothing. Since the bicycle paths are perfectly developed, especially in Copenhagen, it is almost a MUST to jump on the bike.

3. Check where the locals eat – We are the total Denmark culinary fans. Nowhere else have we experienced such a variety of fish dishes. Smørrebrød, famous and sung about in the Muppet Show, is simply amazing in any kind of preparation. And under no circumstances should one forget the Hindbérsnitters (to German: raspberry cuts). But beware: if you eat more than one, the sugar flash is guaranteed. I know what I’m talking about.

Rinkobing Sandskulpturen

Do’s and don’ts

Before you start cycling in Denmark, you should familiarize yourself with the cycling rules. When a nation is cycling away from childhood, different rules apply than elsewhere. There are even quite juicy buses if you are caught in a drunken state on a bicycle. Otherwise it is difficult to make a Dane lose his temper. Their attitude to life “hygge” is deeply rooted in their flesh and blood.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.