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Belize - what you can expect

Belize is a small country in Central America. It is a poor country. The grocery stores are not always full. But the food is good, the people friendly, the land green. About a third of the population is of African ancestry. The influence of the Mayan culture is great. The variety of flora - especially in the tropical forests - is very great. There are several thousand plant species, including over 200 orchids and over 500 different woods. Belize's vegetation is tropical rainforest and isolated pine savannahs in the south, swampland in the lowlands, and a coastline almost entirely covered by mangroves. Belize's virgin forest areas represent one of the largest contiguous remnants of Central America's tropical rainforest, which once covered large areas. Even on satellite images taken from space, this green heart of Belize is clearly visible. Here grow mainly ferns, palms, lianas and tropical hardwoods (including mahogany, Mexican cedar, campeche wood). The pine forests are formed mainly by the Caribbean Pine (Pitchpine) and form the separate ecoregion of Belize Pine Forests. Belizeans are very proud of the Garifuna music style. And one slogan accompanies the visitor throughout the country - Belize it.

Belize Pyramide
Belize Maya

Average costs

Transportation - The average price of a liter of diesel was EUR 1.492 (period November-December 2021). By comparison, the average price of diesel in the world was EUR 1.09. The liter of gasoline cost EUR 1.12 in the same period. Again, in comparison, the average price in the world 1.20 EUR.

Campground - In Belize there are practically no campgrounds. Therefore, prices are not exactly binding as they are rather set at will. Only at the Tropical Education Center/ Zoo Lodge there is a campground, even with a swimming pool. In the small pond next door lives also a crocodile.

Food - Big Mac index = n/a as not in index 1 liter of milk costs on average 2.66 BZD 12 eggs cost on average 3.33 BZD 1.5 liter of water costs on average 0.96 BZD

Suggestion daily budget – 20-50 EUR (Note: This is a suggested budget that assumes you are as free as possible to stay overnight, don’t eat out much, cook most of your own meals, and your vehicle isn’t a big fuel guzzler. You can always lower this number with the budget tips below. However, if you want to stay in more sophisticated accommodations or eat out more often, you can expect this amount to be much higher).

Tips for first visit

1. cook your own food – the cheapest place to buy food such as vegetables, fruits, meat or chicken is a small local store. Here fruits still taste really strong and the vegetables are in no way inferior to the taste. Most of the stores are owned by Chinese.

2. transport – Public transport is practically non-existent. Driving is safe because you are practically alone on the roads. Parking is possible everywhere and parking fees are not known.

3. where the Belizean eats – There are many restaurants in Belize. The cuisine ranges from simple to upscale and the dishes are very flavorful. Typical dishes lean on Creole cuisine and are accordingly delicious.

Belize Meer

Do’s and don’ts

Many Canadians and US Americans have built monstrous mansions. Next to them are the crumbling wooden or mud huts of the Belizeans. Strong contrasts. You should pay respect to the Belizeans and not show off or brag about the money.

Ask for the Garifuna and you will be introduced to the different styles of Garifuna – at most people will even dance and sing.

It can happen that a small plane lands on the streets. This is then not an entertaining interlude for tourists but these are drug planes from the south. Therefore, it is advisable to drive rather in the opposite direction and not to stop under any circumstances. The military is certainly not far away and there is sharp shooting.

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