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Benelux and a roof window

Benelux and a roof window. Skylight in DuBu - wonderful

Benelux and a roof window

Benelux and a roof window. Our second longer trip – well, 2 weeks are not that long – took us through the Benelux countries. And in one of them there was a skylight for the Duro. A little travel story about Benelux and a skylight.

Benelux and a roof window

When we made our first trip with the DuBu through the Bavarian countryside in June, it was high summer. Midsummer always has to do with heat. If heat is accumulated in an enclosed space, heat becomes great heat. And to get this heat out of a room to be able to sleep peacefully, it needs holes.

Completely in the sense of “From experience one becomes wise” I – the Y-chromosome of DuBu – had to have an experience. Our living room suitcase contains two side doors with window as well as two rear doors and a large side window. I thought if we opened all the doors in the early evening, even when it was very hot, we could get rid of the heat. Bare theory.

That is why we decided to install a roof window after our trip through Bavaria. This decision was the reason for our second trip through the Benelux countries. Where and how our DuBu receives a roof window will appear in a separate report.

Rotterdam – a city with special architecture

Rotterdam is an interesting city. Especially the townscape shows special architectural buildings. So – even if it is a city – the imagination of the architects has always surprised us. Already the roof of the “Ceentral Station” of the main station inspired us.

Architecture in Rotterdam

The central station of Rotterdam – the Ceentral Station.

North Sea during storm

After a short but delicious visit to Rotterdam – a visit to the market hall is a must – the trip continued along the coast to Ouddorp and on to the beach in Renesse. There is a phenomenal beach restaurant called our Seaside. The special thing about this beach restaurant is the interior decoration. All in wood and silver, this style gives a special touch of the warmth of wood and the coolness of silver. But we do not find that alone so phenomenal. There is delicious cake and – which is rather a rarity – you get the three vintage port wines of the Portuguese winery Ramos Pinto. I know the RP20 – a poem. The RP30 lets you float on cloud nine.

After this delicious food the trip went further down to Domburg and we spent the night on a camping site. Wild camping is not allowed in Holland and if you get caught, it can be expensive. And we do not want to use the money for fines but for travel. So camping. We leave early in the morning and park right up on the dike and the Duro. The weather is rather nasty. On the Beaufort Storm Scale of maximum 18, I would put the storm whipping towards us from the open sea at level 7 or 8.

And there are indeed wild types who had the bright joy of these wind forces. Surfing and kiting was the order of the day. And the stronger the storm became the higher the kiters flew and the faster the surfers cut the waves. We stood on the beach and watched the athletes for a long time.

Joi of kite

Wind force 7 or 8 and the kiters have fun.

Wir sind Claudia und Thomas und möchten mit unserem Blog und unseren Tipps Anregungen geben und die Fantasie ankurbeln.

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